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As your City Councilperson, I'll work hard to rebuild our city and bring real solutions to our neighborhoods in the 6th Ward. Help our vision for Jackson by getting involved below.

About COlleen

Colleen Sullivan has dedicated her life to building community and fighting for others. Whether it be working in the arts community, teaching students to read, or being a tireless advocate for children through LifeWays - Colleen has never stopped fighting to improve the lives of those around her.

Colleen moved to Jackson when her son, Seamus, was just one, to be closer to her Mother. It was here that Seamus was formally diagnosed with Autism and mild Cerebral Palsy. After Seamus was denied essential treatment Colleen rallied within the community, working with Lifeways and reaching out to supportive agencies and even the Governor to ensure that Jackson County had a functioning therapeutic program for children with Autism.

Colleen made it clear during this struggle that it was not enough to get her son help, this needed to be a program for all families in a similar situation. Seamus was officially the first child in the Autism program which has rapidly expanded to multiple new facilities and now serves 100's of families in Jackson.

In 2015 Colleen was awarded the “Courage to Fight Back” award from Lifeways for her work advocating for special needs families.

Colleen Sullivan's commitment to her son Seamus, to Jackson, and to building community are exactly why she is running for Council. Colleen has the drive, the vision and a demonstrated history of working for and with all people throughout her life. Jackson is already a great city because of it's people, but together we can make it greater by building our infrastructure, opportunity and neighborhoods up to be worthy of the incredible residents of Jackson.

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It's no secret our city still has a lot of problems. Colleen Sullivan is passionate about finding solutions and working hard for you. Here's a few of the many issues she wants to address.

Fix our roads

Roads in the 6th Ward are particularly terrible. Colleen will pursue a long-term plan to fix our streets that will ensure they are quality built, maintained in a way that extends their life to reduce taxpayer cost.

Enhance public safety

Jackson is home to a lot of crime and taxpayers seem to pay more and more for less services. Colleen will prioritize adequate public safety, put more boots on the ground, and deal with our city's drug epidemic.

Attract business

Jackson has a reputation of being anti-business. Colleen knows that must change. She will work to eliminate onerous regulations, streamline city services, and further help the business startup process in our city.

Get Involved!

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Fixing our roads
Downtown Development
Public Safety / Drugs
Improving communication

It’s no secret Jackson suffers from a variety of big, systemic problems. Colleen Sullivan is someone who sees problems and seeks to find solutions – however difficult and complicated they may be. That’s the kind of leader Colleen will be and that’s how she will work hard for the taxpaying residents and businesses of the 6th Ward.

Colleen wants to prioritize the issues that are most important to the hard-working families of the 6th Ward first. That means fixing our neglected roads with a long-term plan that will ensure adequate funding, guarantee that our roads are constructed right the first time, and ensure sustainability in design and maintenance so that reconstruction extends the life of our roads. She also wants to to adequately invest in public safety, put more boots on the ground, and make sure our police and fire fighters have the tools and resources necessary to do their jobs. Finally, she will make Jackson an attractive place to do business by strategically redeveloping our downtown, and attracting the businesses and residents of tomorrow by growing an entrepreneurial spirit in our city.


Colleen will improve communication on City Council. That starts with staying in touch with you now as much as possible. Please feel free to contact Colleen Sullivan below.

Contact Info

502 McBride Street
Jackson, MI 49203
United States